Spectacular World of Jewish Music

Coordinator: Jeffrey (Yaacov) Fisher

The organization is non-profit and fully recognized as a charity in Israel. SWJM was established in early 2018.

Mission Statement: To bring Jewish music – in its widest sense – to the stage, thereby enhancing the rich musical heritage of the Jewish people through the ages

Meetings of the organizations are convened regularly (also on Zoom, in the current era), according to need.

Current projects: after having been forced to cancel 2 major events during 2020, as a result of Covid-19, we are currently working on 4 major events: the Premiere of Michael Shapiro’s new opera “The Slave”, an event bringing to the stage lost music from the Nazi period (several participants in IFJMS sessions are involved here), a festival of Jewish musical theatre with the Welsh Music Theatre Orchestra, and possibly the most ambitious project of all – a Festival of Classical Jewish Music.

Membership: There are currently 8 members of the SWJM committee. We are well connected with many persons/organizations around the world and also – obviously – in Israel, connected with Jewish music

Communication: with members of SWJM and our network – according to need.

Goals for next 3 years: Basically to continue what we have been aiming at from the outset – bringing Jewish music to the forefront of the stage

Who runs the organization?: The SWJM committee